How Sarah Cobb Became the Musical Artist, Ess See

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For Sarah Cobb, music was always there but the permission wasn’t. This week we spoke with our longtime friend Sarah Cobb. Sarah went from growing up in Arkansas to become a successful graphic designer in D.C. and New York City, and then…she started over. Sarah became a full time musician in her 30s, named ESS SEE. I think one of the most interesting aspects of our conversation with Sarah was how music was always calling her, and how different voices in her life moved her closer or farther from that call. And then one day, Sarah was told: “Money will…

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How Hanna Found Life After Divorce at 27

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After five years of marriage, Hanna sat down with her husband on a Friday night to have a tough talk, and by Sunday it was over. We had a heartfelt talk with Hanna about getting divorced at 27. While it was heavy, it wasn’t bitter or angry; it had a clarity – and even a joy – that only comes with time. Hanna described how much her and her ex-husband changed during their 20s, and how that eventually led to them growing apart. In her words, “We got married so young, and you change so much in your twenties –…

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How Katie Sutherland Changed Everything at 30

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The passing of Katie Sutherland’s sister with Down Syndrome, plus turning 30, catalyzed a series of life-changing events for Katie. Katie Sutherland grew up with a sister who had Down Syndrome. A few days before Katie turned 30, her sister passed away. When her sister passed, Katie was, quite literally, given the permission to move on – you’ll hear when you listen…the story of “permission” blew me away. This resulted in Katie making big changes across her life. We discuss growing up as a caretaker, the Enneagram, changing life values, moving, shifting careers, and what it’s like to turn 30….

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Why Brandon Fibbs Left Christianity for Atheism

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Brandon Fibbs’ search for truth resulted in him leaving behind his family’s deep christian roots and becoming an atheist. Brandon is now a producer in LA, but he grew up in the heart of Evangelical Christianity. It was fascinating to hear how things like the military, gun control, politics, 9/11, homosexuality, and NASA all played a role in his shift in faith. Most importantly, however, Brandon loves Battlestar Galactica, as do we. It was such a pleasure to talk to Brandon, and we could have talked for so much longer. Enjoy!

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