Why Brandon Fibbs Left Christianity for Atheism

By May 31, 2017Episodes, Religion

Brandon Fibbs’ search for truth resulted in him leaving behind his family’s deep christian roots and becoming an atheist.

Brandon is now a producer in LA, but he grew up in the heart of Evangelical Christianity. It was fascinating to hear how things like the military, gun control, politics, 9/11, homosexuality, and NASA all played a role in his shift in faith. Most importantly, however, Brandon loves Battlestar Galactica, as do we.

It was such a pleasure to talk to Brandon, and we could have talked for so much longer. Enjoy!

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  • Taryn says:

    Great interview! Really enjoyed listening! Keep them coming!

  • Jamey McIntosh says:

    Good Pilot episode – There are a lot to think about in this episode, it was one that brought in some very interesting twists and turns to Brandon’s story. I am left with more questions than answers with may be good. For me, I might be viewing this in a view of my own – so I might be in the “fix it” mentality, rather then the listen and recieve what was being said – however, there seems to be so much more to the story that changed his views, and it was in those more off the cuff moments that peaked my interest into his story. When he stated how his mother was a single mother, how fundamentalist his upbringing was, how they were not able to ask the tough deeper questions that don’t have a great answer. I think what was most interesting was when he said how he has changed and now looks at the world and has to have reason and fact when he makes decisions. I feel like that takes out the mystery and wonder a little bit. So wrestling with this as I seek to understand change better myself.

    • Josh says:

      I know, right?! There were *so many* interesting things about Brandon’s story. There were numerous times during the interview I had to choose between 10 different potential paths – all of which I wanted to explore! Thanks for listening, and thanks for such a thoughtful comment.

  • Tim Gunderson says:

    This sucked. 🙂 Just kidding! I just wanted to write that Josh:) But, seriously, it was an intriguing interview! I think that even being a Christian myself, this interview helped me evaluate my own faith deeper. Also, it caused a pause within me to think about how change happens–how I have changed over the years. I do find it interesting that change can be immediate, or it can occur over time.

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