How Hanna Found Life After Divorce at 27

By June 28, 2017Culture, Episodes, Relationships

After five years of marriage, Hanna sat down with her husband on a Friday night to have a tough talk, and by Sunday it was over.

We had a heartfelt talk with Hanna about getting divorced at 27. While it was heavy, it wasn’t bitter or angry; it had a clarity – and even a joy – that only comes with time. Hanna described how much her and her ex-husband changed during their 20s, and how that eventually led to them growing apart. In her words,

“We got married so young, and you change so much in your twenties – and part of that is natural – you just kind of hope that you change in the same ways rather than different ways.”

Hanna talked about how scary it was to realize her trajectory was growing farther apart from her ex-husband’s, how slow that process felt, and how scary it was to realize they had less and less in common as time went on. And then…the shock when the end arrived. It’s interesting how some change can be so gradual that it’s almost imperceptible, but then it hits you all at once…like you awoke to this somehow.

Eventually, Hanna talks about the joy that she found in rediscovering herself, and describes the hope that can be found in making changes in your life with intention. Hanna herself seemed to have a lightness and an uncharacteristic level of insight into her own story, and we are so grateful for her sharing.


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  • Jamey McIntosh says:

    This one was a little all over the place, there was some sound quality issues too, but overall, it did keep me thinking which is the whole point of this podcast. With this podcast being about divorce, I felt it moved all over the place but not really focused on the divorce itself. I think there were some really good nuggets about how profoundly this influenced her life. The statement that was with those in our 30’s now, we are not hearing about our parent’s friends divorcing, we are not in the stage where our friends are divorcing. That is so true. The hurt and pain that divorce can bring, it will be interesting to see what our gen’s statistics are. I am also interested in the whole D.C. presence. What we hold truly dear is so interesting. I could see how this was something that was grappled with by different views of what success and projection in life were for this couple. Would be so interesting to see what the other half’s view of this divorce story is.

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