Welcome, Human, to How Humans Change!

We are thrilled you are here! We believe it is such an honor to hear stories like yours, so thank you for your courage and vulnerability. Below you’ll find details about our upcoming time together:

Logistics (definitely read this)

  1. Unless otherwise stated, do your best to set aside an hour. This will give us time to talk and work through any technical issues that may arise.
  2. We’ll do the whole thing over Skype. It enables the clearest audio recordings, and we love seeing our guests via video if possible. Backup is Google Hangouts. Double backup is phone.
  3. Related, please do not use a Bluetooth headset. Headphones are generally ok.
  4. Use the form at the bottom of this page to give us all your particulars (Skype handle, nicknames, etc.)
  5. Please double check that you can login on Skype and Google Hangouts before our call.
  6. While we will be recording the Skype audio, whenever possible we ask that you record your own audio file on your computer and send it our way after the call. This ensures we don’t run into any Skype garbling issues. If you’re on a Mac, you will use Quicktime and we’ll tell you how on the call. If you’re on a PC, check out this link.
  7. Be on the lookout for a contact request from us on Skype.
  8. Make sure your device is charged.
  9. If you can be in a quiet space, great. If dogs bark, kids scream, horns honk…don’t stress.
  10. For any number of reasons, we may not air our interview with you – or may air it much later. If that happens, we still love you.

Interview Outline (probably read this)

  1. We’ll start by making sure everyone can hear everyone and answer any outstanding questions before we begin recording. Once we begin recording…
  2. You’ll state your age, location, profession, gender, name, marital status, etc. For those who are remaining anonymous or using pseudonyms we’ll alter this as needed.
  3. We will then ask you to briefly summarize the change(s) we’re discussing. For example, “I’m hear to talk about turning green.”
  4. From there, we’ll hear a bit more of your personal story to give the listeners context. For example, “I grew up in an area where everyone was turning green.” We’ll ask the questions here, so don’t worry about having a life-story ready to share.
  5. We’ll then spend the majority of our conversation discussing your history and all the things that led to the change – big or small. We’ll be asking lots and lots of questions, your only job is to answer as honestly as you can! Don’t worry about having exceptionally witty or insightful things to say, just let us do the driving and be yourself =)

Preparation (read this if you’d like)

  1. We’ll help introduce you, but if verbalizing your bio feels a bit awkward you are welcome to think through how to give us a quick overview of yourself in 2-3 sentences. We’ll guide you through it regardless.
  2. A huge caveat on this bullet: the magic happens when we converse. We listen, we’re curious, and we dig in to find the story. All that to say, when you see some of these questions below in writing, it can feel a bit stiff or boring. But, for those who like thinking about these things beforehand, here are a few questions you can ask to get yourself in the mood, as it were:
    1. What events and/or decisions incited this change?
    2. Did I see this change coming?
    3. What has been the biggest impact of this change on me? On others?
    4. How have I felt throughout this change?
    5. What has been the best part of this change?
    6. What has been the hardest part of this change?
    7. What advice would you have for someone experiencing similar change?

Intake Form