Pt 2: How Christine Spears Handled her Husband Coming Out as Gay

By July 26, 2017Episodes, Relationships

What do you do when your husband and the father of your two children comes out as gay?

In the second part of this series, Christine explains her side of the story. Pt I, John’s story, is here.

When you hear a story like this, I think you inevitably wonder, “How would I handle something like this if it happened to me?” Well, after hearing Christine’s story I think you’ll agree that you would hope to handle it the way Christine did. Christine’s kindness and empathy in the situation was – and remains – remarkable.

As we said in John’s story, the way John and Christine have handled co-parenting since John came out is incredible.

“I don’t know why it seemed easy to stay friends…other than I think there’s just total honesty, we both trust each other, and I think we both want what’s best for each other. And I think in this case what was best for us was to not stay married; but I think we both agreed to that. We’re each going to be our best most fulfilled people if we don’t stay in this marriage, but that doesn’t mean we just forget about everything, the reason we got married…we still really care about each other.”

We talked through what it was like leading up to, during, and after John came out. We talked about the loss of control in a relationship, being in survival or maintain mode, and finding yourself and your life again after the break up.

This is the book Christine references, A Family Outing:

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  • Katie Lane says:

    Christine- I have puddled messed of words that really don’t feel adequate. I am grateful for your bravery and the model that you are to many who are lost.

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