S2 E4: Ben Messner’s Big Year: New career, City, and Baby

By December 12, 2018Career, Episodes, Geography, Relationships

It’s one thing to change a career, or have your first child, or switch cities, but to do them all at once? Well, that is a story.

I can relate to Ben. I did much the same some years ago: New city, new baby, new job. That much change has a way of stirring things up and causing a chain reaction of changes in other, seemingly unrelated, areas.

Ben had been in the non-profit space for a decade but knew it was time for a change. We talked about how to define your values and how to discern when to pivot vs. when to take a leap.

“This one was very much about making a change to identity, and it just so happens that we had a baby and that we were moving…it was about figuring out who I am in the midst of that.

Unlike some of our other episodes in which our guest’s change is in the rear-view mirror, Ben is still in the thick of it. Our conversation captures Ben settling down, but still in transition.

Ben Online

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