How Tamara Murray Became a Digital Nomad Living in a Van

By August 9, 2017Career, Episodes, Geography

Tamara is the most extreme version of Digital Nomad I have ever met.

Have you ever heard the expression “Digital Nomad?” It’s a term for people who work remotely and travel while they’re at it. Tamara and her husband left their high level corporate jobs in San Fransisco to travel around the country and live in their minivan they call “Red Delicious.”

If you’ve ever done something ‘abnormal’ in your career such as strike out on your own, you know how it feels to shred your work identity. It’s scary, it’s brave, and it can be incredibly freeing. In Tamara’s words,

“My identity was really tied up as ‘Tamara is a Worker’ and I didn’t really have anything else.”

We talked about what it’s like to be a digital nomad, the highs and lows of living in a van, and what happens to your identity when you can no longer bolster it with work.

You can learn more about Tamara’s adventures at where they state,

“We’re living the new American dream and want to help you do the same.”

Thank you, Tamara!

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