How Ty Clark Went From Professional Basketball to Professional Art

By October 18, 2017Career, Episodes, Geography

Ty has fit more change into his 43 years than many people do in their lifetime.

Ty has this pattern consistent pattern of change in his life. It’s something like, “Learn, learn, learn….then leave.”

Exhibit A:

  • Ty went to Rwanda not long after the horrific genocide of ’94.
  • Ty was a professional basketball player.
  • Ty worked for Quicksilver.
  • Ty moved to China.
  • Ty co-founded a startup.
  • Ty became a professional artist.

We talked about what success means, whether or not one is wired to desire change or whether it’s one’s experiences that force you to change, and we also discussed how challenging it is to bridge two different worlds (Athlete and Artist).

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