S2 E7: Dr. Heather Berg on Moving from Liberalism to Radical Reform

By April 9, 2019Episodes, Politics

“I can’t remember ever a time that I had a job where I didn’t think, ‘This seems crazy that I am doing so much work and making someone else money.’ I just had this basic sense that that didn’t seem right to me.”

In this episode, we spoke with Dr. Heather Berg, professor of Feminist Studies at the University of California, about economic and political systems.

We discuss capitalism, socialism, liberalism, radicalism, and other isms. Dr. Berg shares her own experience – as well as those of her research participants and friends – in navigating a labor market in which the “consequences of the status quo are crushing.”

We also discuss some of Heather’s upbringing and how she became interested in her profession and research foci.

Dr. Heather Berg

Dr. Berg online

Dr. Berg’s recommendations

  • Rosa Luxenburg’s Reform or Revolution is excellent
  • I’ll make another plug for Angela Davis’ Are Prisons Obsolete
  • Crimethink’s Work: Capitalism, Economics, Resistance is a good primer
  • And this piece from Kathi Weeks is excellent

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