S2 E3: How Tiny Home Builder Jewel Pearson is Changing the Tiny House Community

By November 28, 2018Culture, Episodes, Geography

Jewel Pearson has been called the “Harriet Tubman of tiny houses.”

While she laughingly shrugs off the title, I think you’ll see why she was assigned that label.

We discuss racism, home sizes, sub-cultures, and how changing affects those around us.

“From researching tiny houses and then designing my tiny house, I knew my home was ‘different’ from what was available at the time, and I used that opportunity to my advantage and began offering my plans for sale, as well as consulting services, tours, workshops and speaking at events. There have also been some unexpected developments in the journey such as an unforeseeable ‘responsibility’ within the tiny house community as being a voice for and representing people of color in a movement that is mostly whitewashed. “


Jewel Online

Interested in seeing inside her home? Voi la!


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