How Constance Beverley Went from Wall Street Lawyer to Snowboarding Non-Profit CEO

By December 7, 2017Career, Episodes

Constance Beverly is the CEO of the National Winter Sports Education Foundation where she helps 25,000 youth learn to ski and snowboard every year. Before that? She was, you know…a lawyer at a premier Wall Street firm during the financial crisis.

After years of grinding it out, a bazillion hours a week finally caught up with her:

“If I stay here, I’ll have a stroke at my desk.”

So, she gave up the Wall Street life and moved on. Like most changes of this sort, her path has been a winding road filled with wins and losses. The biggest win? Along the way Constance found a little taste of something remarkable: happiness.

“It was the first thing in my entire life that made me truly, truly happy…and it gave me a standard of how I wanted to feel and who I wanted to be, and it helped me come into my own personality.”

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